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More than 900 FMCG brands participate in our program.

They speak about us...

<B>François Rouilly - CEO - Groupe Kellogg’s</B>

"Mon Avis Le Rend Gratuit allows us to have a very fast feedback on our products and thus know if the launch will be a success or if there are still things to adjust. "

<B>Anaîs Favard - Marketing Director - Candia</B>

"We often speak of "consumer actor" and I think that Mon Avis Le Rend Gratuit follows this trend, the consumer who wants to become an actor. He wants to give his opinion, but he is also suspicious. Listening to consumers has an impact much more important than listening to brands."

<B>Geneviève Louis Hooper - Deputy Director - Groupe Intersnack France</B>

"Your tool has become credible for marketing services. We take inspiration from reflections, opinions to expand the ranges of innovation and launch new flavors... It really became for us an esssential tool of the innovation process."

<B>Martin Hodeau - Marketing Director - Reckitt Benckiser</B>

"Mon Avis Le Rend Gratuit is really key in the sense that, with its evolution and the growth of the community, I know the impact of my products on the market and how to improve it, how to anticipate new needs to meet with new products."