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Discover the products that got the best reviews in June

Café capsules grande morning

Margarine Tartine Pro Activ

Food for junior sterilized

Malt Fish and Chips Fillet

Vanilla cream dessert






4,1 / 5

4,1 / 5

4,2 / 5

4 / 5

4 / 5

Discover the products that got the best reviews in May

Discover the products that got the best reviews from members of the MonAvis community in May 2019.

Café capsules Grande Morning Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Nescafé Dolce Gusto

4,1 / 5

Nescafé Dolce Gusto, which offers over 35 different beverages, occupies our top of the month ranking thanks to one of its flagship products: the Grande Morning capsules.

 From expresso capsules to long coffee capsules, the brand takes care of selecting exceptional coffee beans all over the world. Appropriate roasting and wide palettes of flavors reinvent your coffee break.

The Grande Morning capsules of coffee are developed from the observation of consumer habits: a large coffee to start the day! This product has been a real success in the community MonAvisLeRendGratuit which gives it the first place of the top of the month of April.

Margarine Tartine Pro Activ Fruit d’Or

Fruit d’Or

4,1 / 5

Ωhe brand Fruit d’Or is convinced that tomorrow’s food will be vegetal! It is true that recent food trends are consistent with respect of our bodies and our environment.

 Vegetal fats have undeniable nutritional advantages: they contain unsaturated fatty acids, including the famous Omega 3 which help maintain a normal level of cholesterol and therefore a good cardiovascular function.

 Fruit D’Or ProActiv EXPERT is a range of margarines enriched with plant sterols that help reducing cholesterol, for all those who wish to take care of their health without breaking the taste! Discover the margarine dedicated to bread toats developed by the brand, widely sought by gourmands of the community MonAvisLeRendGratuit  which have elected this product among the top of the month of April!

Food for junior sterilized cats with chicken

Perfect Fit

4,2 / 5

 Perfect Fit is a range of croquettes and fresh sachets developed to feed your cats and maintain their liveliness throughout their lives.

Perfect Fit veterinarians and nutritionists strive to create the best for your pets.

For example, the brand has a research center dedicated to animal nutrition in Waltham, USA, to understand your pet and offer him food adapted to his needs.

They have developed the TOTAL Perfect Fit Formula, which meets the most common needs of all cats and dogs: strong natural defenses, healthy digestion, healthy skin and coat, weight retention and weight loss, physical fitness and healthy urinary functioning for the cat and good oral hygiene for the dog.

 Food for junior sterilized cats with chicken provides to your cat nutrition for a healthy life, regardless of his age or his lifestyle. This product is particularly appreciated by cats and their owners, since members of the community MonAvisLeRendGratuit have put it on the podium of the best products of April!

Findus Malt Fish and Chips Fillet


4 / 5

It was in 1945 that the Findus frozen product range was born in Sweden. Then the brand was launched in France in 1962, in partnership with the Nestlé Group to distribute its products before merging its activities in 1971.The growth of frozen products in the late twentieth century is due to changing consumer habits, willing to consume faster and easier.In 2006, Findus is considered the “Most Trusted Brand” by Swiss consumers in the “prepared meals” category. Two years later, the company is committed to sustainable fisheries, replacing baked fish cod and fish sticks with 100% Alaska pollock fillets from the MSC-certified fishery.Today, the famous brand comes back with new products, in a very British atmosphere! She invites us to a trip across the Channel to find one of their favorite dishes: Fish and Chips!It’s as if you were in England with the Findus Malt Fish and Chips Fillet. The donut coating is prepared with a hint of beer, giving it a subtle malty taste.Consumers of MonAvisLeRendGratuit elected this product in fourth place in April.

Vanilla cream dessert

Mont Blanc

4 / 5

It was in 1917 that Lait Mont Blanc was created in Rumilly, at the foot of one of the highest peaks in Europe: Mont Blanc, 4.810 m!Mont Blanc then produced sweetened condensed milk and chocolate powder Tonimalt.In the second half of the 20th century, Mont Blanc launched its first creams ready to eat (chocolate, praline, caramel, coffee). This time, everything is happening in the heart of Normandy, in a new production site located in Chef-du-Pont.It is only from 1962 that the name “dessert cream” is adopted and the logo “Lait Mont Blanc” then becomes “Mont Blanc”. Today the brand offers a wide range of desserts, which satisfy the taste of young and old!Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, peach, banana, blueberry … With its snacks Récré O’lé, Mont Blanc shows that it can still surprise us.Récré O’lé’s dairy desserts are 85% milk in a small bottle easy to carry for an ideal snack. What unanimity to all!That’s why members of the MonAvisLeRendGratuit community decided to put this product on the podium of the top 5 of April products!