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Chocolate spread

Espresso Intenso

Natural tuna

Chocolate bar

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4,4 / 5

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Chocolate spread


4,4/ 5

The origin of Nutella goes back more than 70 years ago. During the war, the Italian population is experiencing a shortage of chocolate. Pietro Ferrero invents an ersatz of chocolate by replacing some of the cocoa beans with hazelnuts.

Initially, it was a brick to slice and put on his bread. Made of hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa this tablet was called “Giandujot”. Some years later, it becomes a spread, Supercrema, much more convenient!

In 1966 Nutella invades France and convinces all generations. Today, Nutella is sold in more than 200 countries, although it remains a European product first and foremost. Did you know that France is one of the biggest markets? We consume 26% of world production!

In the face of the undeniable success of its spread, the company Ferrero has of course developed over time a very wide range of sweets for our taste buds.

There are so many ways to enjoy Nutella: on bread, brioche, pancakes (there are even Nutella pizzas!), breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert, we want more! Obviously, members of the community MonAvis are also excited, since they have very largely solicited the Nutella in the first place of the ranking of August! Yum!

Espresso Intenso

Nescafé Dolce Gusto

4,3 / 5

The Nescafé brand appeared in 1930 in the heart of Brazil. The country lives from its coffee production and capitalizes so much on this black gold that it experiences an overproduction. While demand is below supply and coffee beans are accumulating, the country’s leaders are looking for a solution to take advantage of this surplus. The directors of the Bank for South America then have the bright idea of ​​turning grains into small soluble cubes. A long process is necessary to find the right process of transformation to preserve the aromas and taste of coffee. Conservation is prolonged and export becomes even easier.

Nescafé has experienced strong brand growth in recent years, allowing it to develop broad product lines, including coffee capsules. From espresso capsules to long coffee capsules, the brand takes care of selecting exceptional coffee beans from around the world. Appropriate roasting levels and wide palettes of flavors reinvent the coffee break. This month consumers in the MonAvis community tasted espresso intenso, with subtle notes of red fruits from Arabicas. A spicy coffee that wins second place in the August ranking!

Natural tuna

Petit Navire

4,2 / 5

This tuna is good ! it is from Britain and comes from fisheries engaged in improvement programs to obtain the MSC sustainable fishing certification!

In 1932 the banker Paul Paulet started the adventure of canning by buying a canning company in liquidation and baptizes it with his name. Backed by the know-how of former staff, it stands out from the growing competition thanks to the explosion of demand. The canning market is a success!

He deposits the Petit Navire brand and asks his wife, painter, to imagine the logo: a sail boat.

Handled by next generations, the brand will meet success we still know today.

The benefits of tuna are numerous, starting with proteins it contains, whose role is essential in production of digestive enzymes. Tissues such as skin and bones also need it to regenerate. Finally omega 3 in this fish fight cardiovascular diseases.

Natural tuna Petit Navire was tasted, appreciated, acclaimed by our beloved community MonAvisLeRendGratuit! He gets third place in the August ranking.

Chocolate bar

Kinder Maxi

4,3 / 5

Another product of Ferrero brand is on the podium of the top 5 of August ! Chocolate bars Kinder Maxi, the chocolate bar in individual mini portions.

The Kinder saga begins in 1968 in Italy, with this little bar of milk covered by chocolate. Portions made especially for children’s hands are a huge success! Bars arrive in 1978 on the French market and gradually enter homes. The creation of Kinder Surprise, inspired by the Easter tradition, is followed by Kinder Bueno, designed more for the tasty pleasure of adults, or Schokobons, which are clearly appreciated by all generations!

The sweetness of these bars, the heart of melting milk and the good chocolate have convinced all our community MonAvis, who placed him in fourth position on the podium of August.

Degreaser wipes two sides

Cillit Bang

4 ,1 / 5

Cillit Bang is a brand of Reckitt Benckiser group launched in the 2000s, in 68 countries in just one year! A revolutionary product shook the household products market that year: a powerful multi-surface cleaner. This product was more efficient and cheaper than its competitors, allowing the Cillit Bang brand to become a range of tools for your household.

Sprays, foams, wipes, deodorants … you have all the instruments you need to clean every rooms in your house.

The brand has grown over the years to provide customers with versatility and efficiency for quick and thorough cleaning.

This month, we enabled consumers in the MonAvisLeRendGratuit community to test a product from the wide range of the Cillit Bang brand: two-sided degreasing wipes.

This wipe removes encrusted dirt on all surfaces. The scrubbing face, made of micro-scratching fibers, removes grease stains, food and burnt residues. The ultra-absorbent side captures dirt and leaves a fresh scent.

Arguments that convinced our members, since this product is placed in fifth place of the podium of August!