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ShopAdvizor conquers the Web Summit 2018
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South Summit of Mexico 2018 – Meetings and new opportunities for ShopAdvizor

Shopadvizor filling up their agenda

The 3rd and 4th of december, ShopAdvizor was one of the 5 startups invited to participate at the South Summit of Mexico 2018.

The unique presentation of the collaborative model proposed by ShopAdvizor has generated much interest, attracting many companies representatives and thus encouraging future strategic partnerships.

Highly demanded, Diego Eriksson, Country Manager in Mexico for ShopAdvizor, carried out many business meetings during these two days with some of the most recognized Venture Capitals of Latin America, which were all showed high interest in our company and its next funding round and expansion plan

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The South Summit, value added for the company

The South Summit is an international event founded in 2012 by the Spain Startup and the IE Business School. The event gathers each year hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs of South Europe and Latin America, during two events:

  • The South Summit of Madrid in October.
  • The South Summit of Mexico in December.

These annual meetings focused on development by innovation faces a real success in terms of business opportunities and expansion since more than 34 billion dollars were generated as investment since its launched 6 years ago.

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