Carrefour is a food retailer present in more than 30 countries with more than 12,000 stores and e-commerce sites. Multilocal, multiformat and omnichannel, Carrefour receives every day nearly 13 million customers around the world and is committed to quality and more responsible business.

Daphné Guédon – Brand Manager Carrefour

“Integrating customers into our product creation process makes it easier to engage them and quickly assess their interests in certain products or range developments. Through this, we want to create a lasting link with them, to satisfy their expectations and fills their needs. “

Alkemics is a collaborative and intuitive platform between manufacturers and distributors. This is the promise of a secure place to collect and centralize the product data and share it in one click with all the players of the retail eco-system.

Marie Gonçalves – Partnership Manager

“It’s a one-click opportunity to take advantage of valuable content from your most loyal consumers and engage new targets.”

Emnos enables retailers to transform shopper data into tangible growth through its retail insights solutions focused on Category Management and Personalized Marketing. Driven by powerful analytics, years of retail insights expertise and intelligent technology, emnos’ quick-to-deploy SaaS based solutions enable retailers to best engage their customers and drive growth.

Maxime Brunet – Directeur Conseil

“Whether our customers stakes are categorical or marketing, emnos and TrialPanel provide clear answers to retail professionals on what customers think, beyond sales in stores.”

Budgetbox connects shoppers to FMCG brands and retailers and engage them at every stage of their shopping journey thanks to their data-driven digital media and shopping applications. The sophisticated knowledge of customer behavior enables Budgetbox to design innovative digital solutions that improve his omni-channel shopping experience on a daily basis.

Gautier Dhaussy – Co-founder and Managing Director

“Thanks to the association of TrialPanel and Budgetbox, consumers can now know the opinions of other customers on the products they want to buy during their shopping.”